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     Latest Programmes   

     No Sympathy... Just a Pat on the Back and a little helping hand...! Bharari is busy arranging many programmes for the betterment of Physically Challenged Persons throughout the year. Here are some of the latest programmes....


Anniversary Function     

Bharari celebrated its 17th anniversary on Sunday, 15th December 2013 between 2p.m. to 10p.m. at Swayamvar Hall, Dombivli (East). The function started with some indoor games competitions for Bharari members. Participation of some of the senior residents of Bharari Apangalaya-Jyeshthalya, (in their ninties) was the highlight of these competitions.

Cultural events :

  • A dance performance by Bhararians; Aadish Malwankar and Manali Apte.

  • Dance performances by mentally challanged students of Kshitij, Dombivli (West) and deaf students of Rotary School, Dombivli (East) were appriciated by all.

  • Poetry narrations by Ms.Manisha Dixit, Ms.Suniti Koparkar, Ms.Shweta Ranade, Ms.Aparna Modak.

  • Five senior residents of Jyeshthalaya, Ms.Mehendale, Ms.Joshi, Ms.Sathe, Ms.Desai, Ms.Thanedar performed poetry narration, songs and mimicry.

Shri Shantaram Bhoir (Reknowned entrepreneur, Senior Vice President of Thane Dist. Wholesale Merchants Association, Vice Precident of LD Sonawane College, Kalyan and a genius known as 'Human Calendar') was the Chief Guest of the function and Shri Nilesh Saav (Fine Artist, Interior Decorator and manufacturer of Modular Kitchens) presided over the function. Shri Avinash Barve (Founder of 'Gharkul', a home for mentally challanged children) was also present for this anniversary celebrations. Ms.Roshani Patekar was felicitated in the function this year. Roshani lost her parents and her leg in an accident at the age of 13, but she led to a challenging and successful life. Today, she has a respectable job, own house, a car and moreover, she is a recipient of 'Best employee award'. She is also a social worker.

All the dignitaries innaugurated the function by lighting the lamps in traditional way. The main function comprised of a speech by Bharari President Shri Vinayak Malwankar, Vote of thanks for all the well-wishers and volunteers who actively participated in various programmes of Bharari during this year, Prize distribution of various competitions. Bharari also donated Tri-cycles, Wheel Chairs, Hearing Aids, Sewing Machines to the needy persons with physical challanges. Financial assistance was also given to some physically challanged persons for erection of stalls. Ranjana, an employee in the Apangalaya was felicitated as 'Best Employee'.

A souvenir was also published in the function. This year, the theme of this souvenir was, 'Save girl child'. In a symbolic way, at the time of publishing the souvenir, 'Bharatmata' came and distributed the souvenir copies to dignitaries saying,

 "Don't deny 'Her' birth,

'She will prove herself worth"

All the dignitaries admired the work done by Bharari. Shri Shantaram Bhoir demonstrated his identity as 'Human Calendar'. Each day has date, day, month and year associted with it. If three of the details are given, Shri Bhoir identifies the fourth detail within seconds, that too, in a period of a century. His demonstration was appreciated by the audience. Natyasangeet vocalist, Kalpita Khare performed Natyasangeet, Lavani, Bhaavgeet, Sugam Sangeet. She was accompanied by Bhararians Vinayak Malwankar, Shweta Ranade, Dipali Green and Aparna Modak.

The function was concluded with a vote of thanks by Geetanjali Malwankar, Pasaydaan recital by Shweta Ranade followed by delicious dinner.

All competitions were organized by Ms. Bhave, stage co-ordination by Ms Mruga Gore and Ms Sandhya Pradhan arranged all prize distributions and publication of souvenir. Shri Sanjiv Mandrekar and Shri Vaidya co-ordinated souvenir distribution and collection of donations.

-- Mruga Gore, Dr.Anjali Apte


Bhajan Sandhya

On Saturday, 21st December 2013, Pooja Bhajani Mandal from MIDC, Dombivli under the guidance of Ms Shubhangi Nimkar performed 'Bhajans' at Apangalaya. This organization is well-known for its performances at traditional functions like Mangalagauri, Marriage Songs, Hindu Cultural festivals etc since 2005. The Bhajan Sandhya started with the prayer of Ganesh and many more devotional songs were presented. Some of our senior residents of Apangalaya also recited traditional prayers. The event was concluded with recital of Bhairavi. Tea and snacks were arranged by Apangalaya. The Bhajani Mandal appreciated the Apangalaya staff and residents for their gesture.

-- Mruga Gore, Seema Jog



In the months of December-January, Hurda Parties are celebrated in most of the Maharashtra (particularly in western region and Marathwada) . Jowar is the Indian name for sorghum, a cereal grain. Hurda is the name given to tender Jowar - the main staple grain of rural Maharashtra. In early January, Jowar grain is juicy and very tender. Just the right time to be eaten roasted.It is generally picked from fields and cooked there and then,  this  young  jowar  tastes awesome when roasted. Hurda parties are now also fetching attraction as tourism itinerary.

A similar but lesser known version of Hurda party is Popati...! This is a speciality of northern Konkan region. Popati is done specially in December-January, having good production of Wal (Broad Beans).
A washed Clay pot is filled around with leaves of Bush called  'Bhamburdi'  recognized by its special unique smell. Then the Brinjal, Groundnut, Onions, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Chickpeas, Broad Beans and salt are put in the middle of pot and the mouth of the pot is closed with Bhamburdi leaves. This pot is kept in a ditch and covered with dried leaves and wood, sticks etc. and then a camp fire is set ablazed. In a few minutes its ready !!! You get smell of the roasted food. Remove the pot and get hot stuff out of it.

This is Popati....!!! 


Not known to many urban residents, Popati is a unique meeting and greeting experience. Since last 17 years, Bharari is organizing this event. This is a refreshing moment for all Bhararians, well-wishers and many eminent personalities also participate in this evening. This year, on Sunday, 26th January 2014 was the 'Popaty Evening'. It was celebrated at Dr.Anjali Apte's premises in Milapnagar, Dombivli. Many guests like Hema Phadke (Known Kho-Kho player, Secretary of women's wing of Maharashtra Cricket Association and Guide of India Tourism), 'Niraja' of marathi television serial 'Man Udhan Varyache', Sharmishtha Raut; 'Tai Kaku' of marathi serial 'Unch Majha Zoka' attended the evening. Life members of Bharari Shivani Jog-Patwardhan (Model Co-ordinator) and Nilesh Patwardhan (Supervising Producer in Media) also graced the function.

Popati is really a refreshing get-together for all volunteers, an opportunity to know each other and also a meeting point for planning future ideas.

-- Mruga Gore, Ms Sunita Mahadik-Desai


Makar Sankrant

Members of Sankalp Mahila Mandal, Vishnunagar, Dombivli (West) visited Apangalaya on Wednesday, 29th January 2014. This was their greeting evening for Apangalaya residents with Tilgul. They also recited some Bhajans. Some of the Apangalaya residents also joined them for Bhajans. The 'Tilgul' (sweetened sesamum-seed) was distributed by them. It was so tasty and soft that all senior residents also could take a bite of it and appreciated Mahila Mandal for that. Bharari thanked President of Mandal Ms Sudha Markande and other members Surekha Shukla, Kanhere, Sapre, Sahasrabuddhe, Leela Bapat, Joshi and Rathod.

-- Mruga Gore, Dr.Anjali Apte



Bharatiya Stree Shakti, an organization for women working since 1988, had arranged a felicitation ceremony on Sunday, 9th March 2014. This was on the occasion of 'Women's Day'. They felicitated six organizations in which women are playing an important role. As a senior member and secretary, Ms Usha Bhave accepted the honour on behalf of Bharari. A poetic certificate, Tulsi sapling and marathi autobiographical book 'Smrutichitre' by Laxmibai Tilak was presented to her. An exhibition 'Jagar Stree Shakticha' was arranged at the venue and only Bharari was invited to arrange a stall there.

Bhararians; Sandhya Pradhan, Dr.Anjali Apte, Mruga Gore, Seema Jog and Sunita Mahadik-Desai participated in the function.

-- Mruga Gore, Usha Bhave


Bharari employees showed their social responsibility

On Friday, 21st March 2014, Jayashri Bandekar (Manager of Apangalaya) called many Bhararians saying, "You are invited for a special event organized by Apangalaya." No details about the event were given...  All were curious. Some also thought of Holy celebrations being arranged, but there was surprize ahead!

At 4p.m. the Apangalaya was decorated beautifully with Rangoli, balloons, flowers etc. All the residents and staff were ready for some function. The visitors realized that Dr.Anjali Apte and Shri Vinayak Malwankar were celebrating their Birthday with Apangalaya residents. Both had arranged cold drinks and cake for all. The residents offered their well wishes for both after traditional Aukshan and cake cutting. Mangala Sathe and Shakuntala Desai sang songs, Ms Shejwalkar, Dr.Kumar, Bharati Mushrif and Ms Thanedar spoke on behalf of all and wished both a long life. Manali Apte performed a dance. Vinayak Malwankar sang 'Yaa Janmavar...' and Dr.Anjali Apte recited 'Kalpavruksha Kanyesathi...' while answering the felicitation. All in all it was a joyous event.


But the real surprize was waiting ahead.... the residents and employees of Apangalaya had collected some amount from their savings, which was Four Thousand rupees. Considering the efforts made by Bharari for various activities and planned construction of new Apangalaya, they handed over the amount to the president.

We had seen many rich donors offering much more amounts but it was for the first time that some hard working people with limited income source had offered their donations as social resposibility. It was really a touching and proud moment for all.

Following employees contributed in the donation :

1) Leela Shingole     2) Jayashri Bandekar     3) Ranjana Shirsat     4) Vaijayanti Mahadik     5) Jayashri Hagawane

6) Lata Dhotre     7) Sarla Bodke     8) Milind Gawade     9) Sandhya Ahire     10) Kanta Jadhav

11) Sheela Shirsat     12) Ramesh Gawade     13) Mangala Pilewar     14) Kusum Salvi     15) Vimal Bhoir 

-- Mruga Gore, Jayashri Bandekar



On Saturday, 29th March 2014, Mr D'Mello from Ganeshnagar Church offered prayers in the Apangalaya for health and wellness of residents and employees of Apangalaya.

-- Mruga Gore, Jayashri Bandekar


Nav Varsha Swagat Yatra - Gudhi Padwa

On an auspicious occasion of Gudhi Padwa, Dombivli celebrates Nav Varsha Swagat Yatra on mega scale. Bharari has been always actively participating in this yatra since it started some years ago. This year also, early in the morning at 3 a.m. residents of Apangalaya woke up and got ready for yatra. At 5.30 a.m. Vikram and Vipul Vaidya came there with well decorated three vehicles. Apte Madam came to Apangalaya at 6 a.m. sharp and then Vikram, Vipul with the help of one of our employees Milind (Pintya)  helped the residents to board the vehicles safely.


Samant Aaji (95 years) was the eldest and Subodh (32 years) was the youngest members participating from the residents of Apangalaya. Other members of Bharari, Geetanjali and Vinayak Malwankar, Vaidya Uncle, Vivek Joshi were present at the starting point of yatra at Bhagshala Ground. Sandhya Pradhan and Savita Apte also attended the yatra in spite of their paining in legs. Dr.Apte and Seema Jog joined the yatra with 3 vehicles at Dindayal Road. The procession was joyous with Dhol, Lezim, Bands etc. Meena Dedhiya, Rajesh Vora, Ms Rekha Bejkar, Pradip Mehta, Neeta Koparkar and Aparna Modak also joined the procession in Bharari team.

The Police officers, political leaders, members of other organizations and all citizens of Dombivli were appreciating the Team Bharari for their efforts and also were helpful when required.

When the Swagat Yatra concluded, the residents of Apangalaya returned back. Prasad Jathar, Vikram Vaidya and Niwas were present to assist them to alight from the vehicles carefully. Bharari is always gratefull to all the volunteers for their active support, without which, the participation in these inspiring and refreshing events is impossible.

-- Seema Jog, Dr.Anjali Apte